5 Ways To Get The Attention Of A Guy You Actually Want To Date! – You see him across the bar.…Now how do you get him to notice you? Let dating guru Matthew Hussey be your spirit guide.

1. Focus on His Group, Not Just Him: Chances are, when you’re out and you spot that hot guy, he’s not alone. If you focus on talking to people in his group, there’s a much higher chance you’ll wind up meeting him than if you spend half the night trying to figure out how to pick him off from the herd.

2. Make 10 Percent More Eye Contact With Him:  It’s in our nature to make more eye
contact with people we’re not attracted to because it’s less scary. Do the opposite. When you’re talking to his group, lock eyes with him more often than everyone else. His friends won’t notice you’re zeroing in, but he’ll subconsciously feel a connection with you.

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3. Refer to Him Playfully: If he’s the best-dressed out of his friends and they’re all giving opinions on something, say to the group: “Well, I have to trust his answer—he’s the only one wearing a blazer.” Now you’ve directed the spotlight toward him for a moment, and he knows you’ve seen him.

4. Plant a Seed With His Friend: Here’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone. If the dude you’re eyeing has a friend who’s showing you too much attention, say, “Your friend is cute!” Not only have you given a clear message of who you’re really into, but this compliment is also likely to find its way back to the guy you want.

5 Ways To Get The Attention Of A Guy You Actually Want To Date!5. Try a Secret Touch: When on your way to the bathroom in a congested area, lightly put your hands on his sides as you shuffle past him. You’ll create a secret familiarity that gives him a subtle green light to pursue you.


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