Android Marshmallow v6.0 vs Android Nougat v7.0 - Full Comparison

Android Nougat VS Marshmallow, Full Comparison: As of today, there are lots of updated android versions are available. As a result, users can learn all they need to know in this Android Nougat vs Android 6.0 Marshmallow walkthrough and comparison. Recently Google introduced Android 7.0 Nougat in the market. Many of the users are running their devices on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Features of Android Marshmallow v6.0

Marsh mallow finalMulti-tasking:-

  • Under this function, you can run more than one application at one time on the same screen.
  • This function is highly experimental in Android Marshmallow v6.0, so it is not enabled.
  • To enable this follow these steps: – Go to Settings > About Phone > tap on Build Number seven times for enabling Developer options.
  • After that Go to the bottom of the Drawing category and enable Multi-window from the options.

System UI Tuner:-

  • Under this function, you can customize toggle bar, Mean to say that you can change the place of shortcuts present in the Notification Panel.
  • This function is also not pre-enabled.
  • To enable this follow some steps: – Pull down Notification Panel>press and hold small settings icon.

Super Animations:-

  • Animations are really awesome, Transaction between two different screens is very good.
  • Better Animations than previous Android Versions.

Memory manager:-

  • Google add a new memory manager that gives you all sorts of information on how your phone is using its RAM.
  • You check it under settings.
  • Go to Settings>Memory.

Battery Optimization:-

  • Battery optimization basis on Application, mean to say that you can optimize battery life by Application.
  • You can enable battery saver automatically after a preset battery percentage.

Sounds for notifications:-

  • Under this feature, you can set another notification ringtone.
  • Or you can set notification from your music files.

Google Now on Tap:-

  • Google Now on Tap is a very good feature in Android Marshmallow.
  • It enables Google Now functionality to every part of your phone or tablet.

Google Now from lock Screen:-

  • The lock Screen shortcut, dialer is replaceable by Google Now.
  • You can use it for make call to any person by saying name saved in your contacts.
  • You can do other things a lot of things with Google Now.

Disable notification peeking:-

  • This feature allows notifications to pop up over the top of your display.
  •  It was introduced in Android Lollipop.
  • In Android Marshmallow you can decide that you want to allow it or not.

Set apps permissions individually:-

  • Now Android Marshmallow lets you manage app permissions individually.

Uninstall applications  from Homescreen:-

  • In Android Marshmallow you can install the application from Homescreen.
  • No need to settings>apps and then drag and uninstall it.
  • You can check application’s details also from Homescreen.


  • You can enable this feature from setting>display settings>daydreams.
  • After activating this you will able to see a bunch of pictures, colors on the screen while charging your phone.

Instant Camera Open:-

  • Press power button two times very quickly for open the camera.

Features of Android Nougat v7.0

Nougat finalFaster multitasking:-

  • In Nougat there is no need to enable this feature from developer options.
  • Now you can use it directly from application tray.
  • It is working really good than the previous version.

Daydreams change into Screen Saver:-

  • Screen Saver makes so much more than Daydream did in its previous incarnation.
  •  Android screensavers will work on the place of Daydreams.

Two chrome tab view:-

  • In Android Nougat you can use Google Chrome in multi-window mode.
  • Tap on the Menu button and select they super cool options.
  • This is also a very good feature.

Drag and drop text, images in multi-window mode:-

  • While doing multi-tasking you can drag text and image from one window and drop in another window.

Lock Screen Wallpapers:-

  • The lock screen gets a wallpaper of its own.
  • It took way too many years, but the day has finally come.

Clear all recent apps:-

  • Google added a Clear All button to the recent apps list.
  • Now, this feature is not the bottom of your recent apps.
  • You need to scroll to the top of the list where you will find the Clear All text.

APK installed from where:-

  • In Android Nougat will now keep track of where an app was installed from.
  • For check it: – Goto Settings>apps>listed applications.

Installer Animation:-

  • Google added a new animation, For when you are installing a new application.
  • The top screen you will able to see the name of that application.
  • In middle animation will appear.

Bundled notifications:-

  • All notification related to one application will appear in one thread.
  • No load of tons notification related to one thing will appear in more than one thread.

Instant reply:-

  • You can reply instantly message in WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook messenger etc.
  • With this feature, you will save your important time.

Data saver:-

  • You can set data uses permissions, means which applications can use your data.
  • You will able to save your most data which was going waste.

Instant Camera Open:-

  • Press power button two times very quickly for open the camera.


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