Welcome to Unix Shell Programming! There are lots of contents available about Unix over the internet, but most of them assume that you are a computer wizard and would love to learn every single command Unix has to offer. On these scores at least you would find this course refreshingly different.

This short course doesn’t expect that you have worked with Unix earlies. It begins with a description of what you can really know, before beginning with the real stuff- the shell programming.


  • Introduction to fundamental of Unix concepts, the Mazor features of Unix OS and the equipment you need to run it.
  • Step-by-Step introductions for creating, renaming and removing files and directories. It also describes the file and the directory permissions and the philosophy behind it.
  • Discusses the Unix file system, its organization, and the commands relate to it.
  • Discusses commonly used Unix commands with their important variations.
  • It is devoted to one of the important capabilities f the Unix shell- input/output redirection and piping.
  • Is a self-contained guide to the vi editor which helps you to create, modify and maintain text files.
  • Talks about the process launched by the system and by the users and their behaviour.
  • Helps you communicate with other users through the powerful communication facilities offered by Unix.
  • This course takes you from the simple use of single Unix commands through complex commands to shell script programs to an in-depth shell programming projects.

In this short course, you can also find some strong emphasis on examples, so that you can see how various programming mechanism work and try your hand at tinkering with them. We will also provide you with some exercises so that you can test your understanding of concepts as progress.

Don’t forget to do self-practice.

Hope you will find my contents useful!!

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