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Hello, guys, this is Divyansh again, want to share the experience of one the epic Prince of Persia – the 2 thrones. The reason behind I choose this game among all the four i.e Prince of Persia – The Sands Of Time, Prince of Persia – The Warrior Within, Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands because its only a game out of 4 that supports twin characters, which excels and brings the interest of even a non-gamer towards the game. The game story gets interesting as you play stage by stage. It’s not a matter of concern that even if you have not played the previous version of this series, then also you can understand the overall story with ease. So, let’s discuss the stuff in core.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

The game is a perfect example of how to bring such a vast game plot with a decent amount of graphics which even an entry level configured PC can handle. It always been a fascinating pleasure.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

The City

to hit and watch those systematical combinations of attacks made by the Prince through its precious ‘Dagger of Time’.

The game sets its plot on a ship where the prince had made its fate changed and did the impossible where no one had expected.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones


However, Kaileena ended up giving up her life with the dagger of the time got stabbed by, Vizier which is the main villain of this game.

The boss fights are also the core happiness to play as it brings a real life being prince experience which is followed by breath taking and close combats.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

Prince Performing A Speed Kill

A new stuff is also being added in this game naming “Speed Kill”.

This is new to entry level gamer and may become a hindrance for sometimes as the gamer is not very used to it and as it takes place so suddenly without any notification that what to do? But as the time will pass thing will get settled up automatically. In this you have to spot for some what a flash in which the surroundings gets black and white and you have to hit the required button in order to get your opponent done in a flash but if you failed the action will get a reaction and you enemy will get an opportunity to take some amount of life from your life bar by striking their weapon.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

Klompa Attacking The Prince

 Boss Fight One “Klompa”:- Klompa is the first boss fight in which you have to defeat a human transformed giant by getting him blind but for this, you have to gain some ground and should move towards the top for getting a chance. “Gain some ground and bring to his knees”. – Dark Prince’s Strategy. So, if you have to gain ground then you have to clime the ruined walls through perfect timing and yes here timing is the key. After getting him blind which makes the giant to come on his knees, after that you have to continuously strike with you dagger of time to his legs and knees which will make sure that his health bar will get decreased significantly.  Make sure you aim the timing of the speed kill which will take place right after when the life gauge of the giant will be almost no more left so spot the timing of the Speed Kill and get the giant out of the way.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

The Dark Prince


First Presence Of The Dark Prince: – After defeating Klompa, this is the first time where the twin characters of the Prince gets reveled.

The 2 character gets unleashed just after when the Prince sees his body turning into something else so in order to save his people of his own region he just jumps into a near by well after which his body gets fully transformed into something else and here is the first show of ‘The Dark Prince Gets Into The Play’.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

The Dagger Tail

 A more Aggressive, Extremely sharp, Absolutely Cruel and Cunning, overall a new improved version of Prince gets sets into the scene for an advanced combat format with his unique combat style by using his extraordinary Dagger Tail”.

 Boss Fight Two “Mahasti” :- Mahasti is the next boss set in the game. Mahasti is very quick indeed and you always have to keep an eye as she can hit and cause damage anyhow. As you will fight for some instinct then you will get transformed into Dark Prince, through which you have to hit through your dagger tail and lastly you have to spot the speed kill and through which you will get the second boss out of the arena.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

Mahasti Vs The Dark Prince

Boss Fight Three “Twin Warriors” :- The next major boss battle takes place when the Prince gets going on the ‘King’s Road’ after so much adventurous struggle to reach to the end of the road accompanied by one of the other monster. The Prince now find himself inside of a Ring like structure with fire in its surroundings. But story not yet completed as one more the brother of that monster also get added in the numbers to fight the combat. Behind the prince another brother of brother takes place with their ‘Heavy Weapon’ in their sleeves.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

The Kings Road

The most obvious and my personal tip would be “Here you regular blocking of attacks will not work as the two brother will strike simultaneously. The strikes are so massive form the twin’s end that it just become impossible to dodge attack with the regular fashion. The best technique can be to “Dodge” the attacks completely and make sure you don’t have any contact with the Twin’s weapon”. Brother always attacks you from two sides and therefor mobility should be your main arms. You have to forget about the traditional exchange of blows because enemy energy bars won’t lessen even for the millimeters and frankly it will your futile try. The twin with the saber usually attacks with a certain series of blows then he was the moment of stand still. But for that you  need to first take your time in order to ‘observe the patterns’ through which you’ll get an idea to how make you move in between. Take advantage  of it and inflict some heavy blows with the dagger of time on him, after which will be shaky. After following the same momentum for a short period of time, you’ll see yourself away from those twins.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

The Vizier Boss Fight

The Final Boss “Vizier” (Zurvan – Sand Creature) :- The final boss fight takes places on top of the tower. Here, it’s the most difficult challenge to survive and if you failed to survive then forget for the rest for hitting your determinant combos through you dagger of time. Vizier will fully get transformed into Zurvan through the reaction of sands which was unleased from the dagger of time which transformed into a monster like structure, a sand creature. Farah was eventually captured by Vizier and was still under the control of him and Prince needs to get Farah out of that hell.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

The Vizier Attacking The Prince

Zurvan captured a previously enslaved Farah and banished the Prince to the depths of city’s underground, where his father was killed. Vizier will always make you difficult to get himself defeated. Therefore first you need to combat on the ground of terrace and make sure you hit the combos significantly through dodging the systematic attacks of Vizier. After striking much to Vizier, he will fly upwards and will swim in air. But before leaving the ground Vizier makes sure to ruin the ground of terrace through which it becomes difficult to run upwards to defeat him. Several ruined and shattered pieces of rocks floats in air which makes quite uncomfortable to dodge. But if you want to reach to the Vizier you need to climb those shattered pieces one by one. Finally if you are on the second last ruined piece of rock, there’s your chance of ending this story once and for all. Trigger the Speed Kill and hit the Vizier and let the power of dagger of time get unleashed which makes sure to destroy the Vizier and its subsidiary.

Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

The Final Take Down

So guys this was it for today, will meet with another action game very soon. Till then bye and take care 😀 .



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