What is rooting:-

  • Rooting means unlock your Operating System, So you can install unapproved applications by the Google.
  • Be the Super User.
  • Delete Unwanted Bloatware, Update the OS, Replace Firmware, Over clock and Underclock your Processor Speed, Customize Status Bar.

Top 10 reasons for root you Smart Phone:-

                            Flash The Custom Roms:- 

  • After rooting your Android Smartphone there is no need to wait for updates provided by your Smartphone manufacturer.
  • Now you are able to flash a Custom ROM on your Android Smartphone.
  • Search a Custom Rom for your Smartphone on Internet, and flash it with the help of any Custom Recovery.

                            Uninstall System Application:-

  • After rooting your Smartphone you can uninstall System Applications, also called Bloatware.
  • Your device will work smoothly.
  • You will save more space in your Smartphone after uninstalling unwanted System Applications.

                               Block Advertisement:-

  • You can stop Advertisement in all different apps after root your Android Smartphone.
  • Block all ads appear while Playing Games, Watching Movie, Surfing Internet etc.

                        Change Device Information:-

  • You can change device information present in settings>about-device, like Device Name, Model Number etc with making changes in Build properties.
  • You can change IMEI Number which is corrupted while flash a Custom Rom, showing null IMEI.

                        Access Android System Files:-

  • After rooting your Android Smartphone you can access android System files, means root directory with the help of any root explorer application.
  • When you are able to access root files, Now you have the power to change Boot Animation, Copy your Phone’s Ringtones, Change the Boot Image, Change the Build Properties etc.

                       Increase Your Smartphone’s RAM: –

  • After rooting your Smartphone you can convert your Internal Memory into ram by using ROEHSOFT RAM Expander.
  • After purchasing that app you can convert internal memory in RAM.

                            Install Xposed Installer: –

  • You can install Xposed Installer bu doing this you will able to install Xposed Modules.
  • Here a lot of Xposed Modules inside the application like Status Bar Tweaks, Customize Navigation Bar Buttons, Install IMEI Changer Pro.

                    Support Of Titanium Backup:-

  • Install Titanium Backup Application for backup full Smartphone’s full data.
  • Like you are going to install a new ROM, Backup your full Stock ROM.
  • While Flashing ROM if your device bricked then you can restore previous ROM Data.

                      Run Linux OS in Smartphone:-

  • After rooting your Smartphone can run whole Linux OS as a Virtual Machine in Android Smartphone.
  • I mean to say you can run Ubuntu Linux OS in Your Android Smartphone.

                  Change Boot logo, Boot Animation:-

  • After rooting your Smartphone you can change Smartphone’s Bootlogo and Boot Animation.
  • Feel your phone like new after changing Boot Animation, Bootlogo.


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